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What’s God Got to Do With It?

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Lisa Miller has an interesting column (“What’s God Got to Do With It?“) in the October 20 issue of Newsweek, talking about Victoria Osteen’s new book and her brand of religion.  Speaking to a fervent audience of 40,000 each week, plus the millions more who watch on television and make their books bestsellers, the Osteens certainly have made a mark in America’s religious landscape.

Miller writes that “the theology driving all this success is thin.  Over and over, in sermons, books and television interviews, the Osteens repeat their most firmly held beliefs.  If you pray to Jesus you’ll get what you want… Prosperity preachers are neither new nor unique in America, but the Osteens’ version seems especially self-serving.”

Is this what Christianity is becoming in America?  Just another way to get what I want?  And when even the secular media recognizes this self-help drivel for what it is, how horribly does that reflect on the rest of us who call ourselves Christians?

Maybe the Osteens just exemplify what being an “American” has become.  I see it in John McCain and in Barack Obama, and all throughout government.  Everything is about me and mine.  Does anybody really think that Barack Obama wants to be president because he has my best interest at heart?  Or the John McCain really puts country first?  If the two of them were honest servants of the public good, they’d be investing in men who are much more wise and humble to really lead this country where it really needs to go.