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Martin Luther, Guarding the Church

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

This is from Martin Luther. Found part of a quote in Christianity Today, and went looking for some context. The imagery of the sarcasm here is (to coin an oxy-moron) forcibly subtle — read it slowly and then read it again, and make sure you get the sarcasm and understand his point in the second paragraph.

A thousand years ago you and I were nothing, and yet the church was preserved at that time without us. He who is called “who was” and “yesterday” had to accomplish this. Even during our lifetime we are not the church’s guardians. It is not preserved by us, for we are unable to drive off the devil in the persons of the pope, the sects, and evil individuals. If it were up to us, the church would perish before our very eyes, and we together with it (as we experience daily). But it is another who obviously preserves both the church and us. He does this so plainly that we could touch and feel it, if we did not want to believe it. We must leave this to him who is called “who is” and “today.” Likewise we will contribute nothing toward the preservation of the church after our death. He who is called “who is to come” and “forever” will accomplish it. What we are now saying about ourselves in this respect, our ancestors also had to say, as is borne out by the psalms and the Scriptures. And out descendants will make the same discovery, prompting them to join us and the entire church in singing Psalm 124: “If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, let Israel now say,” etc.

It is a tragic thing that there are so many examples before us of those who thought they had to preserve the church, as though it were built on them. In the end they perished miserably. Yet such fierce judgment of God cannot break, humble, or check our pride and wickedness. What was Munzer’s fate in our day (to say nothing of old and former times), who imagined that the church could not exist without him and that he had to bear it up and rule it? Recently the Anabaptists reminded us forcefully enough how mighty and how close to us the lovely devil is, and how dangerous our pretty thoughts are, impelling us to pause and reflect (according to the advice of Isaiah) before any undertaking, to determine whether it is God or an idol, whether gold or clay. But it is no use — we are so secure, without fear and concern; the devil is far from us, and we have none of that flesh in us that was in St. Paul and of which he complains in Romans 7:23, exclaiming that he cannot deliver himself from it as he would like, but that he is captive to it. No, we are the heroes who need not worry about our flesh and our thoughts. We are sheer spirit, we have taken captive our own flesh together with the devil, so that all our thoughts and ideas are surely and certainly inspired by the Holy Spirit, and how can the Spirit be found wanting? Therefore it all has such a nice ending — namely, that both steed and rider break their necks.

But this is enough of such lamentations. May our dear Lord Christ be and remain our dear Lord Christ, praised forever. Amen.

(From “Martin Luther’s basic theological writings,” some pages of which are available on Google Books.)

Programmer by day, graphic designer by night

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

One of the cool things about being part of a small church is that you get to try your hand at a million different things.  Way back in 1991 (when I was 13), my grandfather and I spent many days together making commemorative newsletters for our church’s 100th Anniversary.  In that primitive era of desktop computing, cut and paste involved real rubber cement and a good pair of scissors, but it taught me a lot about layout and spacing and text.

Over the years, home-grown publishing has been a fun hobby of mine, and I’m often enlisted to do fliers and retreat brochures and other random stuff.  And while much of my work is on very short notice and doesn’t exhibit the qualities of “professional design,” I have enjoyed the ability to hone my skills as an amateur graphic designer.

My latest project is an pew envelope for visitors.  I wanted to use the elements of my design for Wyoming’s website header to have a consistent look, and you can see how it turned out.  Next up… business cards.  Comments welcome!