The Questions are Rigged

Whether conservative or liberal, it seems that most people in this world, including journalists, writers, and “researchers,” have a hard time constructing objective questions and answers.

Not so long ago there was the story of the John Ziegler, who started a website with the help of Blue Whale Media Ltd, and is putting together a “documentary” called “How Obama Got Elected.”  The interviews are certainly fascinating material, but I’m not really sure how much the questions, and the offered choices for an answer, actually reveal.  Did people who know certain things about Obama vote based on that knowledge, or do they know the info because of their pre-existing choice of candidate or news source?  Is it causal or just collateral coincedence?

One of the worst that I’ve seen in a long time, however, was a CNN Quick Vote box (on the home page) that inquired about the reader’s opinion on the selection by Obama of Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inaugural.

The only two possible answers are “bad” and “bad.”  Either you pick “shrewd politics,” and you attribute shady and manipulative qualities to Obama (which he may indeed have, but that’s a different story) or you pick “disappointing” and say that Rick Warren is not worthy of participation in public life because he doesn’t have ideas that match the liberal establishment.  Now I’m no fan of Obama or Rick Warren, nor homosexuality and abortion, but maybe this really is an honest attempt by Obama to be inclusive — even if the gays are up in arms — in a way that he has certainly demonstrated in the opposite direction.

I may be a cynic, but I have to believe that some people act in good faith sometimes.  The questions are rigged to get the answer that serves the asker. If you were curious, as of this writing, there were 192,000 votes.  57% for shrewd politics and 43% for disappointing.

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