“Shut the heck up” politics

Bush gets beat up for replacing U.S. Attorneys.  Obama gets attacked for the church he attends.  Chelsea Clinton gets pestered about her father’s affair(s).  McCain seems to get in trouble with every endorsement he receives.  None of these things are real issues, but rather distractions used by the media and the division-mongers among us to produce discord and cause pain.

The problem is most of the leaders of our country sold out long ago and became panderers.  Once you start pandering, you can’t stop — as with lies, it becomes an endless, downward spiral.  You have to keep changing your stories and answering to those who really shouldn’t be calling the shots.

I long for the day when our leaders will take some leadership and say, “enough already!”

President Bush fired some U.S. Attorneys and Congress has a big investigation and subpoenas the White House counsel to testify and there’s this huge constitutional argument about who can demand this, that, and the other.  Bush should have said, “Look, the U.S. Attorneys serve at my pleasure, and I decided to replace them.  My right and prerogative.  Get a life.  Shut the hell up.”  (Yup, I said it.)

Obama — your pastor said all these crazy things about America and blacks and whites and… So?  You ever been to a black church?  You ever confronted and understood the real issues of racism in America, and the backlash of hundreds of years of American social policy?  No?  Shut the hell up.

McCain — Guys, you obviously haven’t even read the Bible.  We can disagree on how to interpret it, but unless you want to engage in some theological debate, this whole preacher thing is a non-issue.  Besides, unlike you, I don’t take direction from some losers in another campaign.  So let’s talk about real issues.  Oh, and by the way, shut the hell up.

Chelsea Clinton seems to be on my page, when she said that the effect of her father’s affair(s) on her family was “none of your [damn] business.”  Bill Clinton gets angry at stupid questions, but he can’t control his anger and he’s way off base.  Chelsea seems to get the idea.

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